Pratap's The Dhaba features in the Economic Times

Vodka panipuri now all the rage

MUMBAI: He leans forward and sticks his neck far out so that the panipuri doesn't drip on to his crisp pinstriped shirt. A crunch and a gulp and it is downed in seconds. His face scrunches up, his eyes twitch and he begins to nod feverishly. No, it's not just the spices. It's the vodka that he's swallowed neat. And all this at a friendly neighbourhood dhaba in Oshiwara that pulses to the beat of Punjabi remixes. Read more..

Pratap's Wild Dining among the best themed restaurants of Mumbai

For Those who think their kids are everything to them

Humans are dreamers. There’s no way that you can have a bunch of homo sapiens living in the same environment for a while and not have them dreaming-about other sorts of places that provide them with experiences quite different from what the current habitat provides. Read more..

Wild Dining gets the thumbs up

Jungle jaunt

It takes a very secure man to focus on his plate even as an angry leopard overhead threatens to make a meal out of him. Be prepared for just this at Pratap's Wild Dining, a forest-themed restaurant in Andheri's Oshiwara. The interiors of this wild eatery were inspired by the forests of Nainital, where owner Sanjay Pratap grew up. Moreover, there's sumptuous fare to be dug into under the canopy of trees that many have mistaken for real. Read more..

Launch of The Dhaba covered in Mid Day

Authentic Punjabi cuisine at "The Dhaba"

Mud-painted walls, lanterns, porcelain pickle jars, charkhas, earthern pots, live bhangra, all this and more welcome the customers to The Dhaba, the new restaurant at Oshiwara. Sanjay Pratap, the owner, has spared no efforts in bringing Punjab to Andheri through this restaurant, not just by its cuisine but also by its ambience. The rustic look of the place is complete with a well and even a rundown Pappu da garage. The Dhaba is Prataps first restaurant venture. Being a Punjabi himself, there were no second thoughts about the cuisine his restaurant would serve. He says, Ive always wanted to be a restaurateur. My family owns Pratap Regency in Nainital. Keeping Andheris cosmopolitan nature in mind, I thought that a restaurant that serves authentic Punjabi cuisine would be best suited here. Read more..

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